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Fashion Kaleidoscope

Style is made of so many pieces it's hard to focus on just one element. The beauty is the collective whole of random bits and pieces from our lives makes for an abstract pattern. What? Ok, maybe that's a bit philosophical, then again, so are a couple of the posts in this week's roundup. From a close look at Emilio Pucci's outrageous prints, to dissecting the underrepresentation of lesbians in the fashion world, and decoding childhood memories influence on design, there's a lot to look at even more closely than whether or not an outfit works.

Links à la Mode: March 13

  1. Adorned in Armor: Lupita: A Cinderella Story
  2. A La Modest: Emilio Pucci: Kaleidoscope Patterns & Sci Fi Uniforms
  3. Al-Balsam Life: Fashion Fever Paris Fashion Week Edition
  4. A Tale of Two Shoes: Do we really read blogs?
  5. Attire Club: Les Sapeurs: The Dapper Men of The Congo
  6. Fashioned by Love: 5 Minutes with Nadia Vodianova
  7. Happy Pretty Sweet: A Brief History of Jeans
  8. Hunting in Heels: Mary Katranzou and the Death of the Digital Print
  9. Lara Lizard: 9 Blogger Pet Peeves
  10. Lollieshopping: 90's Fashion I Don't Miss
  11. Madame Ostrich: Let's Hear if For the Girls: The Issue With Lesbian Underrepresentation In Fashion
  12. Miss Monet: Fashion Wearabouts at Paris Fashion Week
  13. Style Curated: Interviewing the Interviewer: Kinvara Balfour
  14. Style Vanity: 10 Tips to Get a Job in Fashion (No Matter Where You Live)
  15. Tangles & Chains: 3 Jewelry Wearing Mistakes to Avoid When Going on a Date
  16. The Sassy Girl: Splurge vs Steal: Spring 2014 Fashion
  17. The Style Lineup: 4 Easy Steps to Make Your Jewelry Fit
  18. Trend Survivor: Milan Fashion Week Decoded
  19. We Are Ready Made: W.A.R.M. is in the Mood for Childhood Memories
  20. Wild Beauty World: Marilyn Minter's Subversive Beauty
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