Regency pink drop-front

The Drop-front is almost finished!
I made a chemise underneath it. From an old sheet, but it's perfect, soft, white and poofy.
I put on the front, And the sleeves, but they flip over...
And Boefje also wanted to model on my blog. Mabey I should sew her a coat, what wore dogs in history?

night night (somehow I'm always writing when I'm supposed to sleep...)


  1. Hihi, moooooooi!
    en dankjewel voor je lieve comment, me loves you too! <3

  2. P.S.: En alsjebliiiiieft, geen jasje maken voor Boefje! Dat vind ik altijd een beetje gek, honden met kleren... vinden ze volgens mij ook niet fijn hihi

  3. This dress is gorgeous! You look beautiful in that color!

  4. It's beautiful! I love the pleated trim. And the colour. And the Regency-ness.

  5. Oh, that dress looks even more lovely with you wearing it. The way it 'falls' - which is really an important element of a gown - just doesn't come across on the hanger, does it?

  6. My lord, that is GORGEOUS!!! Well done!