1860 corset

There is something I don't like about my blog.
Maybe it's the scruffy lay-out, or maybe the lack of good photos.
I decided to better my life.
To really take the effort of making good photos, because my clothes are worth it.
And to do something about the lay-out, I want it to be clean but also "cute".
In the upcomming weeks I'll make these changes, but for now, take a look at this beatifull corset.

Yes indeed, my book finely arrived! And I tought it was a nice start to start with the cover corset.
It is a corded 1860 corset. Made of red (now faded to orange) and black cotton. It has 5 different pannels, CF-red-black-red-black-red-CB.
I re-drew the pattern on my sizes according to the curves of the original one.
Instead of red and black cotton, I used lavender cotton, and the black pannels are from an old black silk scarf. And a linnen lining.
I corded all the pannels except from the back, since I do not yet have any eyelets and I don't want to mess up.
I'll post photos soon! But because I'm bettering my life, I'll put in the effort and make good once and photoshop them well.

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  1. hee Anna, wat leuk om weer eens een blog van je te zien! en wat een mooie dingen maak je :O
    ik wist dat je goed was in dat soort dingen, maar ik sta echt versteld :p
    ga zo door! ;)