Behind the scenes

Two of my best friends came to visit me this weekend and we had the best time!
And as they also happened to be bloggers (ItTakes2toFashion) we did an awesome shoot explaining how different shades of lipstick look with different types hair/skin. Have you ever removed so much lipstick that even after 2 glasses of lemonade you lips still taste like remover? well I did...

To make it even better 2 of my favorite shops were having a huge sale! And of course I could not resist it...

I ended up with this fabulous Alice and Olivia jacket that I already tried on a few times but it was way too expensive. And now here it was, my size, only piece left, it had just been waiting for me to come back and take him home... How can you be so heartless to ignore that?
And a Marni skirt (this is the bronze underneath) it is from some kind of metallic fabric and really stiff. But so stiff that I can't sit with it without it 'cracking', does anyone own a skirt like this? How do you wear it?!

Hope you can help me out!
I'll post the shoot and the outfits soon, stay tuned!



  1. Amazing pics girls!!!! Xx

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  2. Sure you guys had great fun can tell from the awesome pictures..

  3. Ahh this seems like so much fun and you are all so pretty!

  4. Answer: White powder is a face powder that adds color, which is used after the base.
    What a cool photos!
    Blog Maquiagens da Erika

  5. Awesome pics darling...all three of you are looking wonderful...:-)

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    1. it is really flared so not good for a split ):