Je voudrais

I came across this video at the Fashion Clash, and it left a very strong impression on me. 
Not only is the styling perfectly done; she is clearly an assertive high demanding woman. And the plates are made up so perfectly that you could imagine to be served one of them while dining in a stylish restaurant. 
Also the story behind it is very clear and strong. 
"It portrays an insatiable desire for fashion, a hunger that is illustrated in a never ending dinner where food and jewelry merge, creating an irresistible temptation."

Something I thought about a lot myself. Isn't it a shame that every new collection follows up so rapidly? 
Before we get the time to truly admire some of the pieces they are already out of fashion. You can just as well throw them away the moment you buy them, because next years collection already shows us that it will be horrible dated in a few months.

No one takes the effort to produce real quality clothes, let alone wearing them. Why should a coat be made to last if you will only wear it for a few months before something better shows up? 

If you go back to the early ages of fashion you see that those dresses where build to last a live time, or at least a decade. You wouldn't buy a new one every week, but look at the luxury, the quality of the fabrics and the richness of the details, something that nowadays is only seen in haute couture. Something only the wheltiest of us can afford. 



  1. I like today's system better because I love changing but I kinda miss the hard worked pieces of clothing with all those embellishments that my great great granmother my have had ! i already follow you, hope you do th same as you said! Twitter: @shineonbyandrea

  2. Great post !

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

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  3. vet cool filmpje! en die siraden zijn zoooo mooi!


  4. what you say is true, and the video is amazing! it just expresses how fashion works! but we cant do anything about it...

  5. This is so mesmerizing, absolutely stunning! The jewels look so good.

  6. Thank you for the comment :))


  7. I must admit I can't wait for the next trend, but also I love unique handmade luxurious pieces that are not made for one season, but for forever!


  8. I can say the same thing about you :) and I am your new follower

  9. This is a very cool video and you have a lovely blog!

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  10. Handsome video and
    beautiful blog


  11. Agreed. I'm not the type to follow trends, and I definitely value handmade items a lot!

    ♥ laura
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  12. dear anna!
    i had my own business creating/sewing this longlasting high quality beauties. but before 2 years i had to make a cut and look for other work because no one want to pay for quality today. no one recognizes quality if shown.......
    i´m only sewing for myself and good friends now.

  13. wauw...



  14. What a beautiful magazine. I need to get my hands on it!

    Ava Tallulah

  15. I actually agree with you, even though changes are good, but really I will like clothes that I can wear for more than just 3 or 2 months.
    The quality has drop so much its ridiculous paying for the kinds of fabrics out there in the high street's clothing items.
    I tend to avoid trend and buy things that are classic more than trendy, because I know that won't be wearable next year.
    Thanks for sharing this :D