Anna@ Modefabriek

Hello all of you! Last post before I leave.
Today I went with Christel from to the Modefabriek.
I think I can best describe it as a Tefaf fair for fashion, it was amazing to be invited (:
There was so much to see that I can't possible review all of it (I didn't even see everything) but here are a few highlights:


This was the first stand we visited, and still my favorite. Eyedolls' 2013 collection is fun, girly, bright, and very fashionable. Some of the pieces just were made for my wardrobe, I am sure of that...

We also came across the Pastry stand, well this was something jummy! 
This is the shoe brand from Angela and Vanessa Simmons, they design these adorable sneakers. But to make it even better, they collaborated with a cup of cake

Because of that there was a delicious amount of cupcakes! Which gave us an idea...
How would you guys like a blogger cupcake party? (for the Dutch bloggers among us) I would love to meet some of you! 

A totally differed stand we visited was the one from Loud agency.
They represent brands like "Monsieur Steve", "Your eyes lie", and "Don't believe the hype".
It was rough, edgy, bizarre, and definitively  something I want to keep my eyes on. 

This one was really... special.
Wrangler  has a new jeans line that promises to smooth your legs and help you get rid of celluloid, there are micro capsules with olive extract and Aloe Vera woven within the fabric, witch pop open when you wear the jeans, and spread over your skin. 
I have to say, they where really soft and smelled very nice, but if they really work? I am not yet convinced... But I am curious to try them!  

Next time more! (:



  1. That sounds SO strange but I would actually try that!!

  2. This looks like lots of for those jeans, I'd love to know if they actually work.


  3. Wat een zoete foto! Bedankt Anna!


    A Cup of Cake

  4. Super leuke foto's! Ik vond Don't Believe The Hype ook echt helemaal geweldig!

  5. I love the designs from the begging and really interesting post. Have a nice holiday!
    And also there is a WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY in my blog:-)