Litlle update

Me and my little freak have this little obsession with Nicki Minaj.

Mabey It's a bit of a strange combination... but yes I do like r&b AND costume history...

I love how she enters this extremely sexist world as a femal. And not by acting manly, but just by being proud of being a woman. You go girl!

But because we both love to sew, we made some litlle dresses (and by little I mean petite!)

"I'm so pretty like , be on my pedel bike"

We're planing to make so much more next weekend when I see her again.


  1. There's nothing like finding 'kindred-spirit' friends. You both look cute - but also extremely sassy at the same time (cute without sassy has WAY too much sugar in it *puke*). Sassy is the secret ingredient that makes it possible for women to walk strong through this sexist world, and stay feminine at the same time.

  2. Ik was nicki met carnaval hahaha
    Leuk jurkje! :)