I'm collecting information about corsets.
I'm working on the simple sence and sencebility short stays.
They where way too big. But I totally fell in love with corset making.
I bought Corsets from Jill Salen (well actually my dad bought them for me, thank you! :'D)

I hope one day I'll be able to make a corset like this.
It's from the blog Bridges on the Body. Her work is so amazing.

This is my fafourite one, but you should really take a look on how she made it!

I learnt so much that it feels like I could make one myself! (yeah keep dreaming Anna...)

American Duchess is an other blog full of costumes and corsets.


  1. Making corsets is addictive! There are some nice patterns in Jill Salen's book. What pattern are you using for your short stays? They are coming along nicely, I look forward to seeing the finished stays!

  2. I know this is an older post, but I just want to say the Butterick stays are pretty nice, and really quite historically accurate.

    Also, thank you for showing my picture (I'm American Duchess). I didn't use the Butterick stays for that pattern, but they were similar.

    Good luck on your pair!