I'm sorry for my not posting-ness

First I had no time, then I had trouble with my camera (bought a new one), then my computer crashed!
But now, I have got time on my hands, a camera and a new lap-top.
It's time to get started with my blog again!
I met Ferry Vintage AKA Ferry van der Nat, as I told you, and I helped in his shop "30 days left" at the Arnhem fashion biënale.
It was so much fun to do! Thank you so much for the opportunity Ferry, and Winni.
Diesel jeans, Launch lovers cardigan, new Tods heels! (I LOVE my new schoes they're totally bananas)
Vintage Paco Rabanne from Ferry's collection
Me, Ferry, and the catwalk show choreographer of the Arnhem fashion Biënale
White Fong Leng dress

Vintage 60's
Vintage gorilla fur camisole

I forgot the brand but I totally love it, why haven't I bought it? damn..
Dior jacket




  1. Lucky you getting to try on all those lovely pieces

    (and all of us bloggers have times when it's simply impossible to post...)Glad to see you back :-)

  2. Welcome back Honey! I missed U.

    for post: OMG! Lucky U! My fave is a Paco Rabbana tunic... so beautiful and unique!


  3. Okay, I'm hands down so jealous! That looks like the best place to work in the whole world! Bunny manikins! Dior jackets! Sounds amazing, and I'm glad you shared your experience.

  4. Oooh, die jasjes!!! Vooral die met de dierenprint, prachtig. Ben echt jaloers!!!!
    Die schoenen staan je echt heel goed, ook jaloers op :).

  5. You look so pretty in that long cardigan in the first picture! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos, it could have been a useful experience! What a collection they've had there, amazing!

  7. adore the first outfit and that chetah print coat. my favorite print!

  8. Your cardigan and shoes are great! Love the leopard jacket <3

  9. lovely blog<3




  10. These are such cute and kooky shots, with some very chic looks in view - INCREDIBLE! x


  11. nice pictures :)

    have a nice sunday, kiss from Portugal****


  12. hey dear :D

    thank you for your lovely comment though!
    i love love looooooooove your cardigan in teh first picture!
    great blog btw!

    love, alice

  13. great blog you got here :)
    your heels look soo comfy!!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  14. i'm quite jealous of you right now!


  15. You lucky thing! Wow, i wish i could do that, seems like so much fun. Oh and i love your shoes!

    Panda x

  16. Wonderful photos, darling! I LOVE those hats!


  17. You are sooo beautiful - your hair is stunning!

    La C.

  18. Oh wow, it must have been so great to see all those amazing clothes! Love your jeans with those shoes.

  19. oh gosh i love everything!! i can't even imagine how hard it was for you to not buy everything!
    haha thanks for your comment about my slytherin/bellatrix makeup! (i am very late in replying; sorry!)

  20. Gorgeous, Anni! (mag ik je Anni noemen? :P Nouja, ik vind het wel leuk klinken, maar als je het niet leuk vindt, zeg ik wel weer gewoon Anna of A)
    Damn, deze zijn zoooooooo gaaf! I'm so jea-jea-jealous!
    Maar jou staat ook gewoon alles!
    It's totally popgastic! (dat is mijn nieuwe woord)

    Love you,
    x Kirsie

  21. well. that looks like a good time x

  22. oeh die man kijkt een beetje gay

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